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The P&L box on the right has the pips profit. If it’s green then it’s in profit by those amount of pips x the position size. If it’s red then it’s a loss.

USDJPY, CADJPY and AUDJPY have seen the best profits, with EURJPY coming in at 4th place.

USDJPY up by 2,501 pips, CADJPY 1,417 pips and AUDJPY generating 967 pips profit (EURJPY up by 861 pips).

Pro-Trading System and Screener
Our flagship software and the #1 tool our students say they can’t trade without, the PTS shows you where the market is going and exactly where to place your entry, stop and profit target. 
12 15 Months Coaching and Support
Join our community of traders and receive the coaching and support to help you become a profitable trader.
Storyteller and Momentum Indicator
This handy indicator tells you when a trend is about to start and end, helping you spot big profitable trades in any market. Pair with the PTS and you have the perfect trading system.
Trend Predictor
This brilliant system predicts weekly reversals before they happen. This gives you an amazing edge over others.
Monday night Scan Club
See the action for yourself every Monday in our Scan Club as we scan the markets for trades.
Wednesday night Masterclass
In this bonus weekly group coaching session we’ll teach you the strategies and techniques you need to become a pro-trader.

The Chat Room lets the community connect and share trading ideas. There’s live chat with the coaches sharing their screens. Alerts and announcements allow you to trade and learn in a supportive community. Trading can be a lonely profession and it can be extremely daunting learning a new skill on your own. Within our Chat Room you can join fellow students and coaches and see, read and participate within the friendly community of Trading College.

This is an amazing feature 
that should allow you to 
do amazing things!

Pro-Trading System P&L Up to 5th July 2022 Weekly Swing Trades

Chat Room

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"I am ready to make my first trades. More importantly, I am confident to know when not to trade." - Steve Smith

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Chris is an advisor, working with students to decide on their trading path.  Chris understands the details of each course, able to speak knowledgeably about the content and learning objectives.   Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or experienced trader, Chris can give you the advice to help you on your learning path.

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